Cheap kerb Appeal Additions for Improving Your property Exterior Visuals

One of the best ways to get the most value out of your home is by increasing the kerb appeal. After all, the front of your home is the part everyone sees first-and last.

But because these types of projects are often thought to cost a lot of money and time, they are often avoided for something more affordable and easier to complete. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have your home look like a million bucks. Use these cheap kerb appeal projects and you’ll be able to increase your home’s value for a lot less than you think.

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Front Door

There are a wide variety of kerb appeal projects, but nothing is more closely related to your homes kerb appeal than the front door. Your homes entryway is easily transformed with the installation of a new front door. There are a wide variety of affordable door styles that can be applied to your old and dated front entryway. Front doors can also benefit from the installation of a window insert. Window inserts can be made to match a wide variety of design styles and cost very little to install in existing entryways. Sidelights can also be added to the sides of your entry door to increase your entryways natural lighting options and overall look.


Front yards can really benefit from a great landscaping display. This can significantly add to the value of the home by investing a small amount of money. One of the best ways to keep you landscaping affordable over the years is to install native drought tolerant vegetation. This will prevent the need for heavy watering or fertilizers, ensuring a low overhead with a great return.

Replacement windows

New windows are often employed to make the home’s value rise and lower energy bills. While newly installed conventional windows help to make a home’s value rise, storm windows can really make them soar. Storm windows and doors help to protect the homes from storm damages, but they also help to lower insurance bills and raise the homes overall value.

Storm windows can also help to increase your homes security from intruders as well, making them an affordable kerb appeal project that has an excellent return on the initial investment.

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Natural Stone

Stone can be used in a wide variety of locations around the front of the home to increase kerb appeal. From basic landscaping stones to top of the line stone work on an accent wall, natural stone is a great way to increase kerb appeal. And because most areas have stone within a reasonable distance, native stone is cheap and easy to accumulate for great kerb appeal.

Paved Sidewalk

Concrete paviors are a cheap and affordable way to increase your home outdoor look. Paviors come in a huge variety of colours, shapes and styles, not to mention that they can be set in numerous patterns to create the ultimate sidewalk, driveway or patio space. Best of all, these great home improvement projects can be done by most homeowners, making them an attractive way to increase a home’s value and look.

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Improving Your property Exterior Visuals